Ben Morrison - Writer / Director

Ben Morrison is a Los Angeles based writer, director, actor, editor and comedian. He believes good stories are the most important part of memorable content, and as a professional comedian for over 20-years, good timing is how you achieve them.

Most recently he was on the writing staff of the 2022 Golden Globes, and before that wrote, directed and edited 2 original 6-episode branded series beginning with Factory Made for staffing-site, and Living Wage for gig-work app He is the CEO of Superfunny Inc. his own production company, and has has written and directed numerous short-films under their banner including Uber Cop, Stuck in Jeff, and Little Big Lies.

In addition to his original work, he was one of the head-writers for syndicated comedy gameshow Funny You Should Ask, as well as being on the writing staff for The Telethon for America, Caroline Rhea: The Game for GSN, and Weather Gone Viral for TWC.

He is a Gemini. And so is he.

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Orignal Series

Factory Made is an office-style 6-part branded webseries for skilled-labor staffing giant FactoryFix about a rich-kid attempting to run a factory.

Watch the whole series HERE

(Writer / Director / Actor / Editor / Producer)

Set in present-day Los Angeles, Living Wage tells the story of two individuals with big dreams who are making ends meet through Wage until they get their big breaks.

Watch the whole series HERE

(Writer / Director / Actor / Editor / Producer)


Superfunny Branded Reel - Short reel for the branded wing of Superfunny Inc.

A Day in the Relish Life - A short, stylized video about a day in one woman's life as she finds progress everywhere while enrolled in the Relish weight-loss program. 

Writer / Director / Producer / Editor

Wealthfront : Chloe and Cole - 3-Spot graphics-heavy Campaign for Wealthfront Online Investing

(Writer / Director)

Daltile : Meet the Masters - Office-style 5-spot campaign imagining legendary masters of design working at Dalltile, the world’s largest flooring manufacturer. 

(Writer / Director / Actor)

Curtis Coffee : Brew Sisters - A little caffeinated fairy-tale about two identical twin sisters following their arabica dreams.

(Writer / VO)

Short-film & Music Video

Senekah - Human Relations. A music video shot in Limerick, Ireland about a man who answers a friend request from the actual devil and slowly goes mad.

(Writer / Co-Director / Actor)

Song for Right Now - An ode to these troubled times (2019 edition)

(Writer / Director / Composer)

Uber Cop - What happens when everyone's favorite ride-sharing app moves into policing?

(Writer / Director / Cinematographer / Editor)